Experience Gift Ideas That Are Both Unique And Exciting

Present the gift of adventure in West Virginia rather than gourmet chocolates. Check out cool list of top West Virginia Adventure Gift Ideas, and present the ideal gift that counts, rather than a houseplants that your contemporary friend is bound to die for. A trip on a zip line provides an exhilarating high for the adventure seeker – there’s nothing like standing at the base of a seventy-two degree vertical drop to get the adrenaline flowing. The zipline ride starts with a free fall perspective where one can see spectacular aerial views over the mountain peaks and beautiful valleys.

This is a perfect way to experience the thrill of an adrenaline rush without having to do the physical strain of climbing a rocky cliff or making a difficult trek in the snow. Visitors can climb the zip line just like skiers do when they gain height and experience the exhilaration of pulling up right before the jump. It offers panoramic views that one simply can’t find anywhere else in the world. There are two types of adventure vouchers available – one requires guests to buy a gift card while on the plane and the other entitles guests to enjoy unlimited miles on the plane for the duration of the flight. When they arrive at their destination they redeem the voucher for whatever adventure activity they choose to participate in.

Some of the experiences offered aboard this popular attraction are Extreme Ballooning, Freefall Adventures, Mountain Biking and Extreme Snowboarding. To add to the excitement, some of these activities include access to real wild life adventures such as riding hot air balloons and taking a ride in a helicopter. On arrival at the zipline station there is a free balloon ride. Extreme Rock Climbing starts with a two and one half hour zip line ride through some of the most spectacular rock formations in the world. Guests have the option of climbing up a sheer rock face or sliding down some scary artificial rock gardens. After exploring these amazing rock formations guests can relax back at the hotel’s pool and listen to music, watch TV or play video games.

Guests can purchase a gift certificate for any of the five theme parks located in Kissimmee, Florida. The most popular attraction is SeaWorld, where there are several interactive exhibits including the Shamu show. Another great attraction is Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which allows guests to feed a crocodile and learn about the animals of Africa. These are just a few of the fantastic experiences offered by this exciting theme park and they are filled with fun and adventure.

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience gift giving then take a look at North Wales Holiday Parks and Beaches. This area offers visitors a chance to get close to wildlife, relax in a campsite and discover the incredible views of the Nant Gwernol National Park. At the end of your day you can even go on a zip line experience which gives incredible views of the stunning Snowdonia Mountains. Children can also participate in the zip line experience which takes them into the world of animals on board a zeagle jetty.

If you’re a history buff then take a visit to the New River Gorge. It is an unforgettable experience as you stand at the confluence of three rivers which meander through the Grand Canyon. You can take a historic tram tour or take a walking tour to explore the many spectacular rock faces. For a real history buff there is nothing better than visiting the Grand Canyon and experiencing the enormous force of water as it carve the rocks into shapes that will last a lifetime.

There are numerous amusement park and water park gift ideas that will be sure to impress your guest. For a great family day out you can organise a day of adventure where everyone can enjoy some mini golf, tubing, water sports or even take part in a trampolining course. Alternatively you can organise a hot air balloon ride or even hire an elephant to take you on a safari through the bush. The possibilities are endless; there is no limit to what you can do or offer on your special day.

With the summer around the corner it’s time to get serious about your gift giving. So whether it’s a gift for a newlywed couple celebrating their anniversary, your birthday, valentine’s day, your friend’s wedding or just a spur of the moment gift you will be sure to impress with some top quality and innovative world-class gifts. Whether it’s a world-class diamond ring for your wife to wear on her big day or a delightful coffee basket for your friend, an experience gift is sure to please.