Personalized Tools for the Home and Business

Gather all the tools you’ll need to construct that special memory or anniversary tree. Some of the tools you’ll need to include a table knife and a tape measure. With room for up to 20 words of your own selection on each handle, this impressive set of 3 gardening tools will create a very useful and fun anniversary gift for any avid green-fingered. The tools are divided into three categories: tools for digging, tools for pruning, and tools for transporting and display. Each has its own specific uses which will be explained in the descriptions below.

Digging Tools. This style is very popular for personalizing and creating gifts for the gardening enthusiast. A personalized digger tool bag makes an attractive and practical anniversary gift. They are also the most commonly used gardening tools. For example, a larger version of the classic digging vase is engraved with “married couple” and a personal message on the handle.

Pruning Tools. These tools are great to give as a thoughtful and appreciated after wedding gift. For example, a carved cedar spade can be personalized with the bride-to-be’s initials. Engraved metal spades are available for the outdoorsman who likes to travel. To add a touch of class, a personalized tool bag is available in a variety of materials such as leather and canvas.

Storage Ideas. Many women love to have a nice, large basket of fresh flowers in beautiful bloom. For an eco-conscious bride, consider an eco-friendly woven wicker basket or one in the coordinating colors of the wedding. Another great idea for eight years of storage is a metal cedar box that has been decorated with monograms or a favorite saying.

Linen Aspen Pots. This eight-year anniversary gift will provide the wife with an assortment of colorful linens and accessories to choose from during her big day. She can use the linen to make throw pillows, fill a basket with flowers, or add it to a collection of pottery wedding anniversary gifts.

Engraved Bracelet. This eight years wedding anniversary gift is sure to be worn by the bride each and every day after her wedding. The bride-to-be can wear her new bracelet with pride each day after her wedding. To complete the look, choose a matching wedding anniversary set of earrings or a bracelet and pair of bracelets with a similar theme.

Flower Power. This eight years anniversary gift speaks to the new bride that she will be using green products in her home for a long time. She can add this theme to her linen and curtains with flowers. If she is really crafty, she can make her own homemade soaps, decorative mugs, or linens in green.

These are just some examples of ideas for other linens and items to use as linens on a green occasion. Green gifts are the perfect way to say thank you for attending your daughter’s wedding, spending time with the family while raising a child, or sharing time with an old friend. You’ll want to select a gift that speaks directly to the bride, or someone who is very dear to her. Her wedding day will be one she will remember for a lifetime and this eight-year wedding anniversary gift will let her know how much you care.

Personalized Tools for Home Improvement. For those who have hobbies that need improvement or just want to try their hand at do-it-yourself projects, there is a great assortment of tools available as a personalized wedding or home improvement gifts. Popular tools include pliers, an electric screwdriver, a penknife, screw drivers in various sizes, and a tape measure. You can find these items in plated finishes and in different materials, but if you are looking for something truly unique, consider purchasing a bronze anniversary giftset that contains all of these items and more!

Pottery Wedding Anniversary Gifts. Green pottery is a timeless, elegant style of pottery that will fit with any theme. These eight years of marriage could be marked in a variety of ways – for instance, you may choose to give your wife an assortment of pottery wedding anniversary gifts such as vases and bowls, candelabra, ceramic mug, or platter. If you want to keep it simple, then you might want to give her one complete set, which will include a potter’s wheel, a palette knife, an inkpot, needle nose pliers, needle nose nippers, and an iron frame. Alternatively, for something a bit more personalized, you can purchase linen anniversary gifts that contain linens, table runners, a cake server, and a silver tray.

Engraved Tools. An impressive selection of engraved tools is available as a personalized wedding or home improvement gift. Popular tools include wine stoppers, knives, cork screwdrivers, glass rings, bottle stoppers, and corkscrews, each one containing a personal message. Purchase your partner a complete set of DIY tools this year, and show her how much you care!